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The Institute for Ethics in AI is located in the Faculty of Philosophy and builds upon the University's world-class capabilities in the Humanities to lead the study of ethical implications of artificial intelligence and other digital technologies. We appreciate the valuable contribution that visitors can make to the work and life of the Institute through knowledge exchange, cross-disciplinary dialogue, and the creation of global networks that help generate solutions and share best practices. We welcome both academic and practitioner visitors from the UK and abroad who specialise in AI ethics.

Information about how to apply to the various visitor programmes is given below.


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Visitors whose applications are successful will receive the following opportunities:

-  Engagement with Institute faculty and their academic network

-  Attendance at the Institute's regular events and seminars

-  Access to the Institute's hot-desk workspace 

-  Oxford University email address (excludes short-term visitors)

-  Access to the Philosophy and Theology Faculties Library

-  Registration with the University's Bodleian Library


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How to Apply

Refer to the Visitor Policy for a step-by-step guide on (1) how to apply, (2) schedule of fees, and (3) essential supplementary information.

In brief you will need to:

-  Complete an application form and supporting documents

-  Apply for visa and ATAS certification (if applicable)

-  Secure funding




Key Information

Applications will be considered at three points during the year after the end of each term, and therefore must be received by us by the last day of term. Applications received after the relevant deadlines will be considered at the next available gathered field. Details of Oxford University term dates can be found here. The gathered fields for the academic year 2023/24 are as follows:

Academic Year 2023/24

  • Deadline 1: Saturday, 2 December 2023
  • Deadline 2: Saturday, 9 March 2024
  • Deadline 3: Saturday, 15 June 2024


Recognised Student

Unfortunately, the Institute does not run a visitor programme for recognised students; however, let us know of your visit, and then we will keep you informed of any local events that may be of interest during your stay. Please refer to the University of Oxford, and the Faculty of Philosophy recognised student pages for information, guidance on applying, and fees. 


Enquiries should be sent to