Selected research highlights

Our researchers regularly publish books and journal articles in which they apply philosophical rigour to very practical questions around AI and its ethical impacts. Recent examples include:

A male silhouette goes through triangle

Will AI make democracy obsolete? (Public Ethics, August 2021)
By Dr Ted Lechterman. Read more.

We might be afraid of black-box algorithms (Journal of Medical Ethics, April 2021)
By Dr Carissa Véliz, Dr Carina Prunkl, Dr Milo Phillips-Brown, Dr Theodore Lechterman. Read more.

Ethical Implementation of AI to Select Embryos in In Vitro Fertilization (Association for the Advancement of Artificial Intelligence, 2021)
By Professor Vincent Conitzer. Read more.

The inflation of concepts (Aeon, February 2021)
By Professor John Tasioulas. Read more.

Institutionalizing ethics in AI through broader impact requirements (Nature, 2021)
By Dr Carina Prunkl and co-authors. Read more.

Privacy is Power: How and Why You Should Take Back Control of Your Data (Transworld, 2020).
By Dr Carissa Véliz. Named as one of The Economist’s books of the year for 2020. Read more.