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How to Hold Mixed Human-AI Groups Responsible

by David Storrs-Fox

15 July 2024

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What do Large Language Models tell us about ourselves?

by Yoshua Bengio & Vincent Conitzer 

8 July 2024

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When Robots Take the Field: Will AI Ruin Sports?

by Michael Cheng

24 June 2024

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Work, Play, Reality

by Josiah Ober and John Tasioulas

10 June 2024



'The use of AI at work needs to be responsive to the intrinsic value of work and workplace democracy'

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Why AI Needs Aristotle: The Lyceum Project

by Josiah Ober and John Tasioulas

27 May 2024








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Red Herring, Meaningful Human Control and the Autonomous Weapons Systems Debate

By Professor Yuval Shany

18th March 2024

Professor Yuval Shany

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AI and the Future of Work

By Dr Ekaterina Hertog, Dr Daniel Susskind, Charlotte Unruh, and Lily Rodel.

4th March 2024

Dr Ekaterina Hertog


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How ChatGPT has been prompted to respect safety, fairness, and copyright

by Professor Vincent Conitzer and Derek Leben

26th February 2024

Professor Vince Conitzer

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Generative AI in Adult Social Care: Defining what ‘responsible use’ looks like

by Dr Caroline Green

19th February 2024

Dr Caroline Green

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New book: The Ethics of Privacy and Surveillance

by Carissa Véliz

23 January 2024

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From digital rights to international human rights: The emerging right to a human decision maker

by Yuval Shany

11 December 2023

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The EU's AI Act at a Crossroads for Rights

by John Tasioulas and Caroline Green

4 December 2023

John Tasioulas and Caroline Green