Media Coverage

Image taken by Jon Attenborough of the team at Balliol College

Image taken by The Times photographer Jon Attenborough featuring some team members from the Institute in the grounds at Balliol College.


Read all about it! We want our research and expertise to inform global discussions around AI, and our researchers regularly comment on the latest news stories in the international media. Here are some examples of the Institute in the media:


  • The Guardian, 11 March 2024: Caroline Green featured in an article titled Warning over use in Uk of unregulated AI chatbots to create social care plans.
  • The Times, 07 May 2023: Sir Nigel Shadbolt and Professor John Tasioulas wrote this article featured in the Sunday Times, Time is running out: six ways to contain AI.
  • The Times, 29 Jan 2023: Featured in the Sunday Times, How do we stop the robot takeover? Oxford dons have a plan
  • ABC (radio), August 2021: Dr Carissa Véliz discusses the ethics of vaccine mandates and passports. 
  • New Statesman, August 2021: Professor John Tasioulas comments in an article on AI and the film industry.
  • Harvard Business Review, June 2021: Dr Carissa Véliz writes a comment piece on AI and the testing of medicines. 
  • Architects' Journal, June 2021: Article on the plans for the Stephen A. Schwarzman Centre for the Humanities mentions that it will house the Institute in the future.
  • WIRED, March 2021: Dr Carissa Véliz discusses key themes in her book Privacy is Power, including how big technology firms’ impact on our personal data.
  • CBC Radio, January 2021. Dr Carissa Véliz discusses privacy and our relationship with tech companies.