The 2023 Frank Chapman Sharp Memorial Prize awarded to Linda Eggert

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Profile image of Linda Eggert taken by Jon Attenborough

Congratulations to Dr Linda Eggert for receiving the 2023 Frank Chapman Sharp Memorial Prize for her essay 'Duties to Rescue and Permissions to Harm'.

The Frank Chapman Sharp Memorial Prize was established in 1990 with funds donated by Eliot and Dorothy Sharp and several other members and friends of the Sharp family to honor the memory of Eliot's father. Frank Chapman Sharp was president of the Western Division of the APA in 1907–1908 and was a member of the philosophy faculty at the University of Wisconsin from 1893 until his retirement in 1936. Dr. Sharp was born in 1866 and died in 1943. This prize is awarded to the best unpublished essay or monograph on the philosophy of war and peace submitted for the competition.


Image credits: Jon Attenborough